"Jan freed me by her focused and structured direction.  Coaching isolates the problem, sets the goals, and puts the action in motion -- all under my control. It works! Jan is committed and compassionate to my growth and success."
Writer, Los Angeles

"I want to say to anyone who is considering personal coaching, to go ahead and do it. If you are THINKING that there is a place for coaching in your life, then there is a need and you are ready.  That has been my personal experience in working with Jan as a personal coach. Immediately I began to reap the benefits.

Jan has a special skill in focusing on issues that block my goals.  She picks up on these issues and offers exercises that provide opportunities to go beyond obstacles. She doesn't tell me what to do.  But, rather she provides a structure that helps me remain consistently focused on where I want to go. Jan brought an issue to my awareness during our first session.  I began to see how it was holding me back. By taking action and changing that one issue, I opened a floodgate of possibilities."
Entrepreneur, Los Angeles  

Coaching helped me to establish personal & business focus and direction. It also provided reassurance & encouragement. I've learned to give myself permission to switch focus. This frees up a lot of energy, as guilt takes up time & energy! I'm more realistic with planning & time management. I've learned to not put too many things on my to do list ­ but to focus on one thing at a time. I've learned to plan my time differently - different activities require different types of energy. Coaching motivated me to invest my time/energy into organizing my home & work space. Getting rid of the clutter gives me a sense of peace & order, allowing for more effectiveness in my home/family life & work. And finally, I am more conscious of flexibility. Coaching helps me to realize where I'm at, where I'm going, & what directions & approaches to take.
Business Owner, Fort Lauderdale

"Working with Coach Jan has helped me to keep my goals always at the center of my attention. Learning to break huge and occasionally overwhelming goals into smaller steps has helped me to overcome the immobility and hopelessness I felt before working with Jan.  She blends skills, tools and creativity with a wonderful compassion that makes working together productive.  Her belief that I can develop my yoga classes into a profitable business helps me to believe in myself.  I have taken many risks I could not have taken without Jan's clarity and support." 
Attorney, Businesswoman & Yoga Teacher, California

"My experience with Coach Jan superseded my expectations.  I've not only achieved goals in improving time management, setting boundaries and chipping away at life's tolerations -- my life has become more focused in the process. This positive direction has opened endless opportunities both personally and professionally. I am more in balance and empowered.

Coach Jan is an intelligent and caring individual with great insight. She shares a wealth of resources and makes me accountable and herself available.  Her suggestions lead to solutions.  Thanks to Jan, I am currently balancing my home life with the rigors of athletic competition and a burgeoning career.  I can live closer to the reality that I envision for myself and be a champion of my life." 
Professional Bodybuilder, NABF Pro, Fort Lauderdale

 "I had a void in my life that I could not put my finger on. I had a good job, a good marriage, and was living a comfortable lifestyle.  But this feeling of wanting more was always in the back of my mind.  Counseling was not the answer because nothing was really wrong and nothing needed to be "fixed." A close friend told me about a new trend sweeping the nation and so I though I'd try it.  I have a personal coach who has turned my life around!  I realized I didn't want to be "comfortable,"  I wanted to be happy and charged about living.  Jan showed me how to change my attitude towards everything and I've never felt so complete. Having a personal coach is wonderful because your personal goals can change.  And you know that there's this person who's there in a solid way to be there in a totally supportive way to help with anything!"

"One day you might need financial advice, another day you might just need an attitude adjustment. It's a new lease on your life from someone who's not related to you, who's not judging you, and who really helps you take charge of your life!  I love having a personal coach.  It's like having a guardian angel who is there for me in any way I need her to be.  Just knowing she's there for me is a security that a friend can't provide and is priceless.  A personal coach is great because it's so motivating and supportive ­ and it's all for you all the time in any way you want."
Therapist, Pennsylvania

"Coaching has helped me change my ways of thinking and doing things. I am in the middle of closing on a new house.  This is something I never dreamt possible.  Coaching helped me to organize my financial matters.  It gave me the boost I needed to become more active at attaining this long term goal and making it a short term goal.  I accomplished this within a six month period.  Coaching has had a positive impact on my life as it taught me valuable skills to help me personally and professionally. 

Jan is a strong motivator and supporter. She asked me questions that made me think and helped me to answer my own questions.  I will continue using these skills throughout my life.
Social Worker, New Jersey

"Looking for employment after 18 years can be down right frightening. However, thanks to your role in my life as a Personal Coach, not only do I now view this unforeseen task as an exciting challenge - I also have the confidence that I will achieve my goals. My sincere thanks for being there for ME."
Corporate Manager, Fort Lauderdale

"Jan provides a place for me to put my goals and aspirations on the table in a safe and supportive environment.  She a very good way of connecting and helps me get clarity in many areas.  I have greatly benefited from the short time we have been working together.  Jan has given me important insights into coaching and has been a definite ally to my growth as a new & aspiring coach.  She brings to every call a consistent sincere caring, support and feedback combined with a lightness that makes it an easy and positive experience. "
Construction Salesman & Coach, Fort Lauderdale

The primary benefits your coaching provided for me was clarification of my goals, improved work habits and reaffirmation of my process. Things have shifted to a clear and positive place since I began working with you. The process of focusing on my intentions with an extremely supportive and interested coach seems to have multiplied my success rate. It was a pleasure working with you and I will recommend you highly. I want to stay in touch and will certainly work with you again if I need more coaching in the future. Thank you for being there.
Fine Artist, Los Angeles

"Jan brings a sensitivity and determination that both challenges and inspires me."
Coach, Melbourne, Florida



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