Below are some quotes from just a few of the recent articles about coaching.

"While it is an expensive service it is no longer exclusively reserved for Fortune 500 climbers and seven figure athletes. Many people are hiring coaches for all areas of their lives, including career, personal, sports, business, skill enhancement, and life balance."
"Individual coaching has come in vogue across the country for everyone from lawyers to accountants. But nowhere does it seem to make more sense than in the invent-as-you-go world of technology."  "...often the coach is a sounding board for a lonely executive struggling to find success or happiness in a profession that, more than any other, can demand instant results and serve up crushing defeat. It's rare to have think time, and coaching gives you the opportunity one or two hours a week to hear yourself think."
 "...companies are increasingly adding employee perks such as legal services, free lunches, employee-assistance programs, and now coaching."
FAST COMPANY  - March, 2000
"Even world-class athletes can't reach peak performance without a great coach."
FORTUNE MAGAZINE - February 21, 2000
" the past five years coaching has gone mass-market. In the age of Every Man for Himself, every man can have a coach--and, in an ever more commonly held view, needs one."

"People from all walks of life -- especially professionals -- are working with life coaches to help them develop a game plan for their lives and to show them how to stick with it to achieve greater professional and personal satisfaction."
THE GOOD LIFE - February, 2000
"Many coaching clients have attained a certain level of success in their careers and are generally well-adjusted but find something lacking in their lives. They may want to go into an entirely new field, figure out how to downshift in their current jobs, or live more in conjunction with their true values."
PC WEEK - December 20, 1999
"For years there have been career coaches and executive coaches.  Now there's a new category, called "life coach." The life coach combines personal, professional and career coaching and, it seems, is filling a need that is not quite being addressed by any other source." "There are several reasons why a life coach ... makes sense. First, a life coach can go into topics such as marriage, nutrition and exercise that co-workers, bosses and even HR are loath to broach unless there's a crisis. Second, men and women today are trying to balance family obligations with a successful career path. Third, employees may not open up to a manager, for fear that the manager will see them as unable to deal with problems. Fourth, a life coach can be objective about job opportunities both inside and outside the company."
BUSINESS WEEK - October 11, 1999
"As for coaching, having someone listen to you and encourage you, and break everything down into easy, concrete steps, is rather nice." "It's not just helping them with hard-core business issues but also helping them with their personal issues..."
BLACK ENTERPRISE - September, 1999
"'Mentors for hire' are a relatively new phenomenon, but the demand is increasing. The number of trained coaches--people who help executives achieve professional and personal goals--has more than tripled since 1996..." "Unlike management consultants, coaches use a personalized, philosophical approach that focuses on career and life issues, and follow up to ensure the executive's progress."

ORLANDO SENTINEL - July 18, 1999
"A good coach is a listener and a guide, compassionate but firm, savvy in the ways of the world but open to matters of the heart - a compatriot who wants more than anything to see you succeed, a mom and pop dedicated to your own dreams, as opposed to what they had in mind for you. It's almost like having a functional family at the other end of the line." "Coaching clearly suits an age of pressurized ambition, when more and more people have less and less time to make the most of lives and livelihood."
"Not a therapist, not a consultant, not exactly a friend and definitely not a gym rat, a personal coach is more like a midwife of happiness, encouraging clients to name their goals and achieve them." "People pay for coaching skills because they have a need. They've tried [attaining their goals] themselves. They've tried to set up networks with friends and they fell apart." "The top-level people, professional athletes and executives, have had this for a long time. Now the masses do, too." " this period of rapid social and economic change, when career shifts, family disintegration and sensory bombardment are the norm, a perceptive coach can provide a steadying presence in dizzying moments of change."
INFOWORLD - May 24, 1999
"Anybody who actively wants to move up in a company, make their job easier, have more fun, have more personal time, and still excel in their job needs a coach." "A coach can [help] you get over the hump of a lot of issues you face and keep that motivation going." "Clients also say that coaches give them a fresh perspective."
"For a small business person, it helps to have an outside person to share goals and objectives with and keep an eye on the bigger picture." "Encouragement is often the greatest service the coach provides."

FORTUNE MAGAZINE - September 28, 1998
"Today's managers, professionals, and entrepreneurs are hiring coaches to help them with time management, a change in career, or balancing their work and personal lives."
"...Coaching delivers value to anyone seeking to move forward inpersonal and business life.  For a company, organization, or small business, the return on investment is high, easily recognizable, and apparent soon after coaching begins."
"Chances are if you are highly motivated, are already successful and yearn to be more so, you have a coach."  "'s no fad ­ the profession is escalating in the same way that business is changing."  "Soon, rather than asking, 'What is a coach?' people will be posing this question: 'Who is your coach?'"
CHICAGO TRIBUNE - February 2, 1998
"We need some undistracted steering and grooming, prodding and propping up. We need someone to persuade us when we fall to get back on the ice, the slope, the course. All of us could benefit from someone who always is there to beam good wishes from the sidelines.
MONEY MAGAZINE - December 1997
 "...a coach will help you identify your marketable skills, define your life and career goals, and then create a game plan to help you reach them. These job and life counselors will then check in with you weekly--most often by phone--to keep tabs on your progress and encourage you to stay on course."
"...coaching is clearly superior to training. It is far more time efficient, and it is tailored to individual needs."
THE HARTFORD COURANT BUSINESS WEEKLY - December 30, 1996 "By the year 2000, business coaches will be as common as personal fitness trainers..."  "Many in the growing profession [of coaching] see themselves as hybrids, combining the roles of business consultants, therapists, spiritual advisors and personal trai
FAST COMPANY - October, 1996
"World-class athletes know it. So do operal divas. Winners in nearly every profession know that without the right coach, they won't perform at their peak. And now a select number of business people know it, too..."
LOS ANGELES TIMES - May 20, 1996
"People at all stages of their professional development are hiring coaches..."
"It helps people get more of what they want out of life ... Coaches are sounding boards, support systems, cheerleaders and teammates all rolled into one. Bottom line; their task is helping the client realize his full potential....Coaching is for anybody who wants more in life and is willing to take action to accomplish their goal."
SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS - March 13, 1996
"If you're wondering whether you need a coach, first ask yourself honestly: Do I waste time because I don't prioritize tasks effectively? Do my workers hate me? Do I have trouble communicating effectively? Do I spend too much time at work and not enough time with my family?"

THE MIAMI HERALD - March 6, 1996
"A life coach can offer a higher, helicopter view of what to do next in your life."
"The kind of people who are attracted to coaching are people who want to excel in their lives...those who feel they are not achieving everything in their lives they feel they're capable of."
"Coaches are more than consultants...they're advisors and mentors who help their clients achieve more in their professional and personal lives. They help their clients, who can be entrepreneurs, CEO's or just ordinary people, define and move toward their goals."
NEWSWEEK - February 5, 1996
"Part consultant, part motivational speaker, part therapist and part rent-a-friend, coaches work with managers, entrepreneurs and just plain folks, helping them define and achieve their goals--career, personal or, most often, both."
FORTUNE MAGAZINE - December 27, 1993
"Some human resources directors have come to think that all executives should be assigned coaches..."

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