"Experience is the Number One Credential for Coaching"

Jan Gordon goes beyond textbook theory to speak from experience.  As a Board Certified, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Ms. Gordon has had countless experience in the human development field, coaching individuals and teams since 1989.  A successful entrepreneur, she understands business challenges and dynamics.  Ms. Gordon's experience as a project manager where she assumed the role of "manager as coach" demonstrated her ability to tackle career, business and personal issues with her employees.  Her additional experience as trainer, grant writer, political strategist as well as clinical mental health supervisor is frequently tapped to motivate people to bring out their best.   

"I support my clients by providing them with the tools, structure, focus and accountability that helps them to accomplish more.  They become more productive and profitable as a result of the coaching relationship.  So many of us are so busy putting out fires that we don't create opportunity for ourselves and live our vision personally or professionally.  As a coach, I hold my clients accountable, and work to ensure that they maximize their potential and achieve powerful results."   

Jan Gordon received her Master's Degree in Social Work from New York University and her coach training from Coach U.  Her extensive experience in mental health & social welfare, project management as well as fiscal management and program development contribute to her coaching expertise.  

Ms. Gordon's talent at broadening her clients' perspectives while creating opportunity out of life's challenges are skills that she brings with her to each of her coaching relationships. It is her blend of warmth, highly tuned listening and creative problem-solving that endears her clients to her. Jan Gordon's unique coaching talents produce powerful results in the lives of those with whom she works.

 "I coach my clients as I like to be coached.  I want someone who hears what I'm asking for or who hears the conversation I'm in, even when I might not know what that is AND who meets me there."

My Mission

To enhance the performance, productivity and profitability of those with whom I work.

To create powerful shifts in behavior by helping people to see all there is to see, do and be.

To unleash peoples' potential so their actions support their intentions, and their success mean happiness

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