What is it about coaching that brings out your passion?

Why do you want to be a coach?

What are 3 values or concepts you orient your coaching around?

Do you orient your life around the same values?



Becoming a coach involves learning more than a new skill set. Building a sustainable practice involves tapping into previously unknown or unused skills/talents. Unanticipated bends in the road may challenge your commitment to have a coaching practice -- there is often a steep learning curve to being a coach and building a practice.

Work with an experienced Coach who understands what you're facing and who has over 12 solid years experience as a clinical supervisor at a University Psychology Department. My passion has long been the development of individuals who work within the human potential field. I've trained doctoral level therapists and social workers in the art of listening, and I've mentored sales & marketing professionals, MBAs & business leaders in becoming a coach.

In order to coach, nothing can be in the way of the listening. This means that you can't close the door to your own experience & struggles if you're wanting to be a coach and develop a coaching practice. This is both a great opportunity for growth & a tremendous challenge!

Becoming a coach involves applying the same concepts that we use with our clients into our own lives. In other words, as important it is for our clients to create a space where they consistently give voice to what's usually left unsaid or unexamined ­ so too in our own lives. The voices that we silence need a space to be heard. With self-expression, comes power & freedom -- making us stronger coaches. In addition, it's only through communication that we really hear ourselves. Coaching provides the space do ALL of this. Coaching provides the platform and the space to look at where you are, what it is you want, and whatever's getting in the way of you being there.

Call me if you're interested in talking. Let's see if we're a match. If we're not, I'll do my best to connect you with a coach who would more perfectly suit you. Catapult your coaching practice by staying ahead of the curve.

Ask me about my fees for coaches just starting out. This is how I give back to the community. Space limited.

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Real communication happens when people feel safe.
- Ken Blanchard, The Heart of a Leader


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